What is Counselling?

The counselling room is a space for you to be supported to explore any areas of your life which may be causing you distress, discomfort, unhappiness or confusion. The therapeutic relationship is unique from any other as the focus is on you and whatever concerns you wish to bring. Without having to worry about judgment or burdening your counsellor, you are free to explore at your own pace whatever is going on for you with encouragement and support.

Counselling isn’t always comfortable or easy, and it’s possible you may feel worse before you feel better. This is all part of the process: wading through the dark and distressing areas of your life and mind, to get through to a more peaceful, insightful and accepting place. It may be difficult and painful at times, but it will be worth it.

Counselling lasts for as long as you and I both feel it is helpful for you.

Find joy and contentment in your life.

Feel free to get in contact via the contact page to invest in a more liveable life for yourself.

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