Redwood Sunset from British Columbia, Canada (where I was born) – Photo credit: Brandy Bain

I wanted to base my practice around a concept that emphasises strength and recovery from difficulties: resilience. Resilience means looking at dissatisfaction, feeling stuck, and distressing events in life as something temporary. These experiences can be worked through as a capable and adaptable person, with lessons gained in the process.

In considering entering counselling you may be saying, “I’m carrying this pain with me now, but I’m going to find a way through it and come out the other side with insight and renewed strength.” You are finding a way to thrive through hardship.

California Redwoods – Photo credit: Scrubhiker/Flickr/CC

Redwood trees represent resilience in nature with connections between themselves and the strength of the human spirit:

  • Thick bark which is impervious to fire, water, and pests – “thick skin”
  • When knocked down they will attempt to grow via their limbs – “if I get knocked down I’ll keep fighting and growing”
  • Will shift angles when terrain changes, with roots adjusting to steady themselves – “remarkable adaptability”
  • Roots can intertwine and at times will fuse together, providing tremendous strength against the forces of nature – “reaching out for social support”
Intertwining Roots – Photo credit: Joanne Eddy

Together we can work to access and build on your self-understanding and resilience, travelling down your path toward a more liveable life.

Explore options and feel more hopeful.

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