About me and my practice

I am innately interested in people and their well-being, which lead me down the route of training to be a counsellor. I began my education in Vancouver, Canada (where I was born and grew up) and completed my training at the University of Manchester. Working as a counsellor is immensely fulfilling as I get to share a space with individuals curious about what makes them tick, and support them to live more comfortably with events which have impacted them, within their own minds, relationships, and the world in general. Through self-exploration and making the unconscious conscious, clients can observe links between the events of their past and how they've influenced how they are today, and that shifts in awareness, perspective, and behaviour can bring more contentment to their lives.

Practicing from an Integrative model of psychotherapy means I’ve received training through numerous modalities and am continuously diversifying the way I can work with clients. This means that I adapt my practice to the unique needs of each client, facilitating a warm and accepting space for you to talk freely about whatever is going on for you, alongside providing strategies and psychoeducation around areas such as anxiety and trauma, looking at patterns of behaviour and thoughts, discovering how your history may have influenced choices and patterns, and understanding how you respond to events within your personal world and in relation to others. 

The end goal of therapy is for you to be self-sufficient, holding the tools to take on whatever you face in life, whilst being aware that if things get to be too much there is a space you can return to for support.

Training and education

I have been supporting clients in counselling settings since 2012, with a broad range of presenting issues.

MA: Counselling

University of Manchester

Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling

University of Manchester

Postgraduate Diploma in Education: Guidance Studies

Equivalent to Level 3 Counselling Skills Certificate

University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)

BA: Psychology

University of British Columbia